"Welcome to barbacoa"

One of the simple cooking methods that has existed since ancient times in South America is "putting meat directly into the flames. "This cooking method evokes the emotion of people gathering and rejoicing. The indigenous people of the Arawak tribe used to grill meat on a wooden grill called "barbacoa" during celebrations. This "barbacoa" is the origin of our restaurant name.
The traditions of the Arawak tribe spread to the Gauchos, an ethnic group in southern Brazil, and ultimately influenced barbecue cultures in the United States and around the world.

From carefully selected meats to grilling techniques and serving methods, we take great pride in our "churrasco." Please enjoy.
    "Churrasco" refers to Brazilian barbecue. You can enjoy churrasco with over 10 different types of meat, including tender cuts like "Black Angus beef."
  • Salad Bar
    We have set up a massive salad bar where you can enjoy up to 40 different items.
    Please experience the joy of creating your own salad.
  • Must-Try
    We've arranged supplementary items to elevate the flavor of the churrasco, which is prepared simply with salt.

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"Barbacoa" is a specialty churrascaria (Brazilian barbecue) restaurant founded in São Paulo, Brazil in 1990.

Currently, we have expanded to 9 locations. In Tokyo and Osaka, where our establishments are situated, the term "churrasco" is synonymous with "BARBACOA" in people's minds.". Our mission at Barbacoa is to spread the essence of Brazil, still undiscovered, through the culinary culture of churrasco.